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Buy a vacation home in Berkhout

Buy holiday home in Berkhout

  • Near the Marker lake
  • Holiday accommodations right at the water
  • For private use or (partial) letting
  • near Hoorn (North-Holland)

Buy a holiday home in Berkhout (near the Marker lake)

Berkhout is located near the Marker lake and the city Hoorn. This unique location is very popular with people who love boats and water sports. Due to the water-rich and versatile surroundings you will never feel bored. This is also the reason why Park Westerkogge is often discovered by (inter)national holiday guests.

Buying your own holiday home in the Netherlands on the waterside is very favorable if you often go on the water with your own boat. You can also choose to invest in a holiday home for financial reasons. You then benefit from attractive returns of up to 7%.


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Discover the water-rich Berkhout

The small village of Berkhout is located near the city Hoorn. On the land there is enough to do, for example in Recreational are the Hulk. You can discover many things while hiking or biking in the close surroundings of Berkhout. On the water there is also enough to do. A great place for every water sports enthusiast.

Due to the diversity of land, city and water Park Westerkogge is beloved by a large audience. You won't have to worry about the partial/full subletting of your holiday home.

More about buying a holiday home in Berkhout

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