Buy a chalet in Limburg

Buying a chalet in Limburg offers you many advantages. This way you always have your own place to spend a weekend or vacation. At TopParken, you can buy a chalet at Residence Valkenburg, a holiday park located in Schin op Geul.  However, buying a chalet in Zuid-Limburg also offers you an interesting investment opportunity. In addition to private use, you can choose to rent out your chalet fully or partially. Its location, close to Maastricht and Valkenburg, makes it an attractive option.

The last sales phase is sold out

There are no more new chalets for sale at Résidence Valkenburg.  Still looking for a new luxury chalet?  Recently, we started selling new chalets at our newest holiday park, Résidence Lage Vuursche! This park is located in the heart of the Netherlands, in Lage Vuursche.

Buying a chalet in Limburg at TopParken

Are you planning to buy a chalet in South Limburg from TopParken in order to rent it out? Then you don't have to worry. Thanks to the high occupancy rate of our holiday parks in the Netherlands, it's very attractive for you to rent out your chalet entirely or in part. You can invest totally careless, and get an interesting net return. Moreover, you don't have to worry about renting out your chalet in Limburg. This is fully arranged by our professional rental organization , having years of experience with this. For the rental we work together with renowned tour operators such as and BungalowSpecials. As a consequence, buying a chalet in Limburg will be an interesting investment for you.