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Buying a vacation home near Hoorn

Buying a holiday home in Hoorn

  • Vacation rentals by the water
  • Located on the Markermeer
  • For personal use and rental

Buying a holiday home near Hoorn

The city of Hoorn is known for its old center and harbor. In the time of the Dutch East Indian Company Hoorn used to be a mighty trade city. You can still feel this.

Park Westerkogge, one of the 20 TopParken holiday parks, is only a 20 minute bicycle ride away. From the holiday park you can discover many boating routes, no less than 45 kilometers of them!

Are you completely at home on the water? Then buying your own holiday home close to Hoorn will be of interest to you! Enjoy the combination of the city and the water every day. Worry-free holiday feelings whenever you want.

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Holiday accommodations at Park Westerkogge

Holiday park near Hoorn

From Park Westerkogge you can experience its surroundings whenever you want. Because of the diversity of this region, more and more holidaymakers find their way to our holiday park close to Hoorn. You will mostly find water lovers with a dinghy or boat on the waters in and around Hoorn.

On the park itself there is plenty to experience, as well. The many facilities, such as an atmospheric restaurant, a heated outdoor swimming pool and several sports facilities will keep you from being bored.

The unique location combined with the facilities make Park Westerkogge very popular with national tourists. You can choose to rent out your second home partially/completely by our professional rental organization. This will make you enjoy an interesting revenue.


Old Dutch atmosphere by the water

Experience the Old Dutch feeling on and around Park Westerkogge. The meandering rivers and the Markermeer complete the feeling. If you like a little more bustle and liveliness you have also come to the right place! You will find the touristic Volendam only a 20 minute drive away. If you keep driving you will reach the capitol of The Netherlands, Amsterdam, in no time. There is something for everyone at Park Westerkogge!

More about buying a holiday home close to Hoorn

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