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Holiday accommodations for sale in North Brabant

  • Holiday homes for 2 to 6 people
  • For own use or (partial) rental
  • Option for sustainable homes

Buying a holiday home in Brabant

TopParken offers numerous holiday homes for sale in North Brabant. Have you ever thought about buying a holiday home in your own country? If you use the house for yourself, you always have a place for a weekend away, holiday or longer stay. Buying a second home can be an interesting investment for you, as well. If you make the house available for partial or full rental, you will achieve an attractive rate of return, depending on what you choose. If you buy a holiday home in Brabant at TopParken, you can do so at Résidence de Leuvert . This holiday park is located in the village of Cromvoirt, a short distance from the cities of Den Bosch and De Loonse en Drunense Duinen National Park, among others.

Our sales range in North Brabant

Resort de Brabantse Kempen

Holiday homes for sale in Noord-Brabant

What do the recreation homes look like? 

Most of the recreation homes at Résidence de Leuvert are located on the water. The homes have at least several bedrooms, a luxurious bathroom, and a spacious living room. This makes the home very suitable for families. It is possible to expand your recreation home with wellness, such as a sauna, hot tub, or outdoor shower. You also have access to a spacious, private yard surrounding the recreation home. You can choose for personal use, renting out, or a combination of both.

✦ Personal use – Your own spot in the middle of nature. Enjoy a vacation whenever you want and make unlimited use of the park's facilities. Furnish your vacation home the way you want it and make it your own spot. 

✦ Renting out – If you choose to rent out your recreation home, then you will receive an interesting net return per year. Renting out your home is completely taken care of by our professional rental organization. So a carefree investment!

✦ Combination of both – You decide for yourself when you want to use the vacation home and when it is available for renting out. As a result, you can enjoy a vacation whenever you want and benefit from an interesting return on investment.

What do you prefer?

Buying a holiday home in Brabant at Résidence de Leuvert

Résidence de Leuvert in North Brabant is located in a wooded area, the perfect location to buy a holiday home in North Brabant. You are in the city of Den Bosch or Efteling within a drive of about half an hour. Recreation lake ' De IJzeren Man ' is within walking distance and you can walk or cycle in National Park De Loonse en Drunense Duinen. Noord-Brabant is a versatile province which is very popular with both local and foreign tourists. The wide range of facilities at the holiday park, such as a swimming pool, restaurant and playgrounds, in combination with its location, make it a destination with many possibilities.


A recreation home at Resort de Brabantse Kempen

Resort de Brabantse Kempen is located in Lage Mierde, in the south of The Netherlands. It is a beautiful, new vacation park in a very popular tourist location. You can enjoy hiking and bicycling trips through the nearby Brabantse Kempen nature reserve, but also make trips to popular attractions, such as the Efteling or Safari Park Beekse Bergen, which are all located in the immediate vicinity. Plus you are only a stone's throw from the Belgian border. At the vacation park itself you can race down the water slide, play at the large playground, or challenge someone on the padel court.


Why choose TopParken?

If you choose to purchase a holiday home in Brabant from TopParken, then you are choosing a reliable and experienced organization. With more than 40 years of experience in the leisure and tourism industry, we have a great deal of knowledge. For example, if you choose to rent out your home, we will take care of the entire rental process for you. Our professional rental team ensures that you can make a worry-free investment in a holiday home in North Brabant. Due to the high occupancy rate at our holiday resorts, renting out the property is an attractive option. If you choose to rent out the property, you will receive an annual net return.


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✦ What is the net return on the purchase of a recreation home?

The return that you receive on the rental income of your own recreation home depends on various factors. Some factors that play a role are, for example, the location of the home you are buying, the price of the recreation home, the facilities that are located at the vacation park, and how many weeks per year you make the home available for renting out.