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5 reasons to buy a holiday home

5 reasons to buy a holiday home

5 reasons to buy a holiday home

Buying your own holiday home is a dream of many. Investing in your own holiday home in the Netherlands has recently increased in popularity. And that's not surprising, because now is the right time to take this step. Holidays in our own country are increasing, savings interest rates are historically low and rental prognosis is very favorable. This, and a number of other reasons, is important for potential owners when considering buying a holiday home. In this blog we take a closer look at these reasons.

Reason 1 - Return on Rental

Buying a holiday home to rent out is an attractive way of investing your (saved) money. Firstly, because the interest on savings is nil or even negative at the moment and you will achieve more returns if you buy a holiday home and rent it out. Secondly, because you can invest carefree at TopParken, since everything concerning the rental is arranged for you. TopParken offers the choice between renting out a holiday home fully or renting it out partially. With partial rental, the return depends on the rental income and is therefore also lower than with full rental.

Reason 2 - As a second home for personal use

Having your own holiday home brings you lots of holiday happiness, even if you only want to use the holiday home yourself. Of course, friends and family can also stay there, but you do not have to make the house available for commercial rental. If you buy a holiday home for personal use you can visit it at any time. A weekend away, just a few days or even for a longer period of time. It's all up to you. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to furnish the holiday home completely according to your own wishes. That way it will really become your second home!

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Reason 3 - Alternative to bank savings

You no longer need to put your money in a savings account for the interest. This is the direct reason why many people are looking for an alternative. Buying a holiday home is a very interesting alternative. Recreational real estate is in demand and the demand for holiday homes to stay in is also increasing. This ensures that you will receive an attractive net return if you are going to rent out the property. In order to achieve a high occupancy, and thus an attractive return for you, TopParken works together with parties such as and BungalowSpecials.

Reason 4 - Expandable with wellness

Another reason to buy a holiday home at TopParken is the option to expand it with wellness. This gives the holiday home something extra and also makes it more attractive for rental, because the demand for wellness holiday homes in the Netherlands is high. A sauna, spa or outdoor shower can be placed at the house, or you can opt for the complete wellness package. It is possible to buy a holiday home with wellness at all 17 TopParken holiday parks.

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Reason 5 - In the most beautiful places in the Netherlands

TopParken's holiday parks are spread out across Netherlands in the most beautiful places. For example, on the water in North Holland or in the middle of the woods on the Veluwe. An additional advantage is that you can always buy a holiday home close to home. How nice is it not having to sit in the car all day? Or have to fly first? If you buy a holiday home at TopParken, you are always close to your holiday home. And you can spontaneously decide to drive there on a Friday afternoon. The ultimate feeling of freedom and holiday in one in a prime location.

About TopParken Verkoop

TopParken, with more than 40 years of experience, has grown into a medium-sized player in the recreation industry. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with expert advice regarding the purchase of a holiday home. Our professional rental organization also takes all the work off your hands when renting out the house.

Are you interested in buying a holiday home at TopParken? Then you have several options. You can request our brochure without any obligation via the button below. Would you rather visit us on location or make an appointment with one of our advisors? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


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