• Sustainable chalets for sale
  • Located near Loosdrecht
  • Very spacious plots of land
  • In Lage Vuursche

Purchasing a chalet near the Loosdrecht Lakes

The Loosdrecht Lakes consist of several lakes and are extremely popular for a reason. The lakes are beloved by water sports enthusiasts. However, cyclists and hikers also know how to find their way to Loosdrecht. Therefore, the area surrounding Loosdrecht is a popular vacation destination and, consequently, a sustainable choice if you want to invest in a vacation home. The chalets at TopParken are located just a half an hour's drive away from the lakes in the beautiful and woodsy village of Lage Vuursche.

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Chalet for sale near Loosdrecht at TopParken

At TopParken's Lage Vuursche, 83 luxury chalets are being constructed on private land. The chalets can accommodate four people and are situated on spacious plots of land. As a result, the chalets offer lots of tranquility and privacy. Furthermore, the chalets themselves are spacious by design. You will enjoy 70 m² of living space. Moreover, these homes were designed to be fully gas-free and built to be future-proof. When you choose to purchase a chalet near Loosdrecht, TopParken offers you three options for using it:

Personal use - If you choose to use the vacation home entirely for personal use, you will use it exclusively for yourself and not make it available for guests to rent. You are welcome to stay in your vacation home at any time you wish. However, permanent residence is not allowed.

Rental use - With this option, you will not be staying in the chalet yourself, but you will make it completely available for guests to rent. You will receive an appealing percentage of the rental earnings each quarter. Moreover, our experienced rental organization will take care of the entire rental process.

A combination of personal and rental use - Alternatively, you can choose to combine personal and rental use of the chalet. When you are not staying in the vacation home yourself, you can make it available for guests to rent and receive an appealing return.

Résidence Lage Vuursche

Whether you choose to keep the chalet for personal use or fully rent it out, you will always make a stable investment. In addition to potential rental earnings, you will always benefit from any appreciation of your purchase. When you purchase a chalet at TopParken, you will always remain in control, but all the worries will be taken out of your hands.

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