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Vacation home in Soest for sale

Buy a holiday accommodation near Soest

  • Detached vacation villas
  • Unique woodsy environment
  • For personal use and/or rental use

Vacation homes for sale in the vicinity of Soest

Soest, which includes, among other things, Soesterberg and the Soester Dunes, is a diverse tourist destination in the Netherlands. With the Soestdijk Palace as part of the cultural heritage, countless hiking trails and cycling routes through the woodsy surroundings, and a central location, it is easy to explain why so many tourists come here every year. Partly for this reason, the vacation homes near Soest, which are for sale at the new vacation resort of Résidence Lage Vuursche, offer a unique opportunity to invest in this region. At this brand new vacation resort in Lage Vuursche, detached vacation villas are being constructed for the first sales phase, which will begin soon.


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The offer of holiday accommodations

Purchasing a vacation home near Soest

Purchasing a vacation home in the vicinity of Soest at TopParken means that you will enjoy a home on a spacious plot of land, lots of tranquility and privacy in and around the home, and last but not least, a beautiful environment. The vacation villas at Résidence Lage Vuursche are all detached, can accommodate up to four people, and are built to be completely gas-free. Furthermore, you get to decide how you want to use the home. For this, TopParken offers the following options:

Personal use - You would like to purchase the home for private use exclusively and not rent it out. You can stay in your vacation home at any time. However, permanent residence is not allowed at TopParken.

Complete rental use - Conversely, would you like to rent out the home completely? That is also a possibility. Our professional rental organization at TopParken will take care of the entire rental process.

A combination of personal and rental use - A third possibility is to make your vacation home available for guests to rent at times when you are not staying in it yourself. You decide when the home is available and when it is not.

    Personal use

    You only want to buy the property for private use and do not want to rent it out. You can visit your holiday home at any time you wish. Permanent occupation is not allowed at TopParken.

    Fully rent out

    Would you prefer to rent the accommodation out completely instead? That is possible too. The entire rental process is taken care of by TopParken's professional rental organization.

    Combination of private use and letting

    A third option is to make the home available for rent when you are not staying there yourself. You decide when the house is available and when it is not.


Soest and surroundings

If you choose to buy a holiday home near Soest you will have the opportunity to discover a beautiful part of the Netherlands. You can cycle and walk on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, a short distance away is the bustling city of Utrecht and also the Loosdrechtse Lakes are close by. Especially the wooded area attracts many visitors to this region, but also the Soestdijk Palace is a popular day out. At the vacation park you can enjoy a drink or a delicious dinner.

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This is what previous interested parties asked us:

✦ How many persons can the homes accommodate?

The luxury holiday homes at Résidence Lage Vuursche are suitable for two to a maximum of six persons. The accommodations measure 70 m² and have a modern bathroom and two bedrooms. You can buy a home starting at €378,250, buyer's costs

✦ Is it also possible to invest in an accommodation with wellness?

Absolutely, the Lodge Royal Eco can be expanded with amenities such as a sauna, outdoor shower and/or hot tub. This way, you can really relax optimally at your own holiday home. Moreover, homes with wellness are extremely popular among tourists. This makes investing in a home with wellness a good choice.